Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update (Again)

I was trying out some streaming/video recording software. I used OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to record. Here I use a maximum bitrate of 1000kb/s and used all of the basics essentially. But here is my test video.

With that said, does anybody have a good program for recording frame rates and automatically saving them to a good format? I was going to uplod some videos of BF4 but could not find a simple way to do it. And it seems that with OBS the end result is a bit choppy at times (even with high frame rates while recording).

Let me know! Also have a good one!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Battlefield 4 (Preview)

I guess leading in with the specifications of the build I used for the review is very important. Although it may receive some flak from some for being outdated, it had it's moments where it was a little choppy but overall it was a great experience. Furthermore it showed that even some old-school parts can hold their own for some modern titles with the settings set appropriately. In this case the main setting that needed to be turned off that would have been nice was the deferred anti-aliasing feature. So without further waiting, here are the specifications and settings:

Played at 1920x1080,
 CPU: i7 920 @ 3.65Ghz
 GPU: 2 x GTX 580 (512Mb) @ stock
RAM: Tri-Channel DDR3 @ 500Mhz 7-7-7-20

I will be doing some proper benchmarking very soon but thought that I'd show a couple of screenshots in advance and give my thoughts on the game itself first. I won't be commenting on the online at all because that varies quite a bit in way too many ways to count.

I'll start off by saying this game looks pretty great, it may be the nicest looking game I've personally ever played. Not saying that there aren't any better in general, just that at stock (the way it was released), it is the best (that I've seen). It seems to overuse a few effects that end up being a hindrance at times but it is tolerable even then.

The gameplay was not anything new but I have to say I rather enjoyed the story. It forced you into making decisions that no one should have to make and that make you feel shitty about making, not because you haven't made the same decisions before but because of the way they go about it. I don't want to ruin anything for those that may not have played it but a few of the decisions were genuinely tough for me to make which was new. The campaign fell short in one key area though, how damn short it was. I think that another few missions would have made it better and not complaint worthy but this is one of those games that I feel most would be halfway through day 1 of buying it (assuming you had the day off of course). It took me a few days of casual playing to finish it and I was taking my time and enjoying the scenes. So when you see my rating for story being low, note that it wasn't that the story was poorly written, just not written enough.

Overall I would say buy this game. It isn't the most original game or the game with the least flaws but I had a great (albeit short) time. You feel attached to the characters and the gameplay is satisfying but nothing groundbreaking by any means. Then again, I wasn't one of the gamers that bought this when it first came out, I gave it some time before playing.

    Overall:   7.5/10
Gameplay:   8/10
  Graphics: 10/10
        Story: 5/10

I will have some more pictures and some benchmarks, possibly even a few videos (depending on if my PC can take it lol) very soon.

For now, I hope you enjoyed the review and have fun!