Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dead Space 2 Review (PC)

   Well, first I'll tell you the main things that I take into account when reviewing a game: Graphics, Feel and most importantly Experience. Graphics is a rating based on how good the game looks and how visually immersive the game is. Feel is a rating based on how immersive the game environment is and how the overall setting ties into the experience. Most importantly is Experience, experience is the rating based on how immersed I was and how the gameplay felt and how much fun the game was, as well as replayability. All rankings will be out of ten, and there will be an overall score (also out of ten).


  •  Graphics: 8/10

          The graphics in Dead Space 2 are actually very well done. The game looks visually great and they were right on with the environment. They improved the graphics over the original Dead Space by a moderate amount (at least the textures seem better) which is an improvement.

  • Feel: 9/10

          Dead Space 2 did a particularly good job in this portion. The environment was both immersive and scary-as-hell. There were occasions when the mood was so well done and the game was so immersive that i actually physically jumped out of my seat. I really can not say enough about how well done the setting is, it reminds me of FEAR 2 but maybe even better (which is saying a lot).


  • Experience: 9/10

          The overall experience of this game was great. Dead Space 2 is truly a great game. It has it all: Setting,  good graphics, great game mechanics (actually improved significantly over Dead Space) and best of all, they all tie in perfectly together. Playing this game was a smooth experience that is just plain fun, there is no part that seems to stick out (bad or even too good) of the overall experience.


  • Overall: 9/10

          This game is great. I highly recommend it to anyone who really enjoyed the original Dead Space. It carries over the basic mechanics and improves on everything else, as a sequel, it really does its job. Great game in general however, even if you have not played the original, this is a great game, but I would recommend playing the original first as this kind of continues the original story.

Thank you to all of my viewers and followers, and as always, leave a comment with your opinion/advice and I will do what I can.


  1. nice review! i was also pleased with the quality of the graphics! very well put together!

  2. Cool, I'll be sure to check this out!

    Though I'll be getting it on 360 :)

  3. Nice, really glad you chose to review Dead Space 2. Im hoping to pick it up cheap tbh, dont wanna pay full price for it

  4. Nice review, I can't wait to play this, waiting for my copy in the mail now.

  5. Thanks for the review. Wasn't sure if i should pick this up or wait for the price to drop some, gonna be picking it up sooner now it looks like.

  6. very nice post i like this game dead space 2 and good details,i followed you

  7. I can't wait to get my hands on this game, and with all the good reviews it's unbearable! Good stuff, mate!

  8. I just finished this game, I loved it.
    I give props to ANYONE that completes the game on hardcore(3 saves total, die have to restart from last save? Good fuckin luck)

  9. playing dead spcae 1 atm. i hope i will have chance to play second :)

  10. I'm considering buying an Xbox 360 for the sole purpose of playing Dead Space 2.

  11. Great review! I loved the first Dead Space and have been thinking of getting the 2nd for some time now, and this review just makes me want it even more :)