Monday, February 7, 2011

Crysis - excluding Warhead (PC Only)

What can I say about Crysis?

          Well, first I'll tell you the main things that I take into account when reviewing a game: Graphics, Feel and most importantly Experience. Graphics is a rating based on how good the game looks and how visually immersive the game is. Feel is a rating based on how immersive the game environment is and how the overall setting ties into the experience. Most importantly is Experience, experience is the rating based on how immersed I was and how the gameplay felt and how much fun the game was, as well as replayability. All rankings will be out of ten, and there will be an overall score (also out of ten)

  • Graphics: 10/10

           The graphics are amazing in this game. One problem with that is, your graphics card better be up to date! I played this game with a 6950 and had no problems, It would behoove you to look up the recommended specs before playing, or download a demo to see what frames you will get (noting that the demo is not updated so you will probably get better FPS in the final version).

  • Feel: 8/10

          The feel of this game was actually great. The environment was very realistic which really helped you get into it. The setting(s) were great feeling and very well done. There is, however, one exception to all of this praise.  The levels were just that, levels. It seems like they were trying to hide the linearity by making it "seem" like it was an open box concept, and they didn't disguise it very well. Most attempts to veer off course are met by very high rocks (more like cliff sides) or the likes, quickly dispelling that illusion.

  • Experience: 6/10

          Of course you will want to know why this was a 6/10, a pretty low score here is not good. The game was nothing new really, it was like a linear game of Call Of Duty or the likes. The story was not very good, I didn't care what was happening in cut-scenes. The added abilities of Extra Strength, Higher Speed and Invisibility was a good concept but poorly executed, since i found out early game that going invisible, lining up your headshot, uncloaking, shooting then re-cloaking was the best method of eliminating threats (so it felt more like a game of Splinter Cell than anything) . So the game turned out to be nothing more than an FPS/Splinter Cell mix (depending on which way you play it) that was very amusing and pretty but didn't stick out in gameplay. It's replayability is zero unless you want to play online.

  • Overall: 8/10

           It is fun to play at first since it looks so great but in the end it doesn't pull it out in gameplay or story. Fun thing to do when you're bored if you have newer hardware in your PC, doesn't catch your attention for too long but for a couple of hours you'll be having fun with physics related gameplay (blowing stuff up probably) that is amusing.

If you have any recommendations on how I can improve reviews or have a suggestion on something to review, leave a comment for me.


  1. I feel the same way about it. Just because of how stunning it is visually, its great to kill time, but it doesn't provide a lot of depth in terms of story or gameplay. Great review.

  2. got it on the steam sale for 2,5 Bucks xD

  3. When Crysis came out I had a terrible computer. Now I have a better one, but I seem to have passed Crysis by. Maybe I should try and find it cheap somewhere.

  4. I really like the simple dot point style of your reviews. Great review.